Mechanical Meters (MecTo) have been reliable since 1919. It guarantee excellent precision, high durability in any climate conditions, and a wide range of solutions, and it is easily upgradable by the installation of radio modules for remote reading.  


Electronic Meters (ElecTo) represent the latest innovation in the industry. Our ElecTo range combines the benefits of built-in communication capabilities, measurement accuracy and ease of installation. With data storage and metering programming facilities, long life batteries, and built-in communication capabilities, these meters represent a future-oriented choice, ideal for the most advanced, fully-connected, smart city projects.




We are committed to the constant development of remote and fixed reading solutions using traditional or new IoT technologies, to help facilitate in making work much more convenience and flexible for the utility providers and the submetering market.

It has already aid in:

  • measurement efficiency up to 15% compared to old meters
  • flexibility in remote data communications with both mobile and fixed network reading systems
  • real time communications of leak and anomalies can be detect immediately
  • optimization of distribution network
  • energy saving