Free Acting Swing Check Valve
DN150 to DN1200
This valve offers a non-slam design in all sizes up to DN1200 without the need for dampers or levers/ weights. Non-slam design is achieved through a carefully balanced relationship between door weight and angle, providing minimal maintenance and avoiding damage to other pipework components. The absence of weights or dampers minimizes the risk of shaft damage and leakage.
However, lever & weight design are also available upon request. All sizes are available with metal seating of the door. Double or triple door designs are used on sizes DN500 and larger. Sizes up to DN300 are also available with the door encapsulated in EPDM or NBR rubber. This valve is generally used for waterworks pumping stations.

Wafer Type Check Valve
Wafer type check valve offers shorter face to face body construction. It is also lighter and more compact than swing check valve. Wafer check valve opening and closing operation is controlled by robust rust proof spring for ease of installation and overall cost reduction.